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As we saw above, many warning sign were evident before this eruption. Some geological disasters like volcanoes, tsunamis, gradual phenomenons, etc, emit warning signals which allow some reaction time to avoid or mitigate their damages. In others, such as earthquakes, landslides, etc, is more difficult to recognize these warnings. In the specific case of volcanoes, there are many signals before an eruption. Among others warnings, the occurrence of earthquakes or the increase of these beneath a volcano could indicate magma is on the move. In this case is important to determine if it is moving toward the surface or simply oozing about within the volcano (there is a certain type of earthquake known as harmonic tremor; this kind of quake is caused when magma has found a route to the surface and is beginning to steadily rise.) Also, hydrothermal activity on and near the volcano may change. Hot springs could dry up or become explosive vents of pressurized steam as the ground water is heated by rising magma. In the case of the Mt Pelee eruption some of the warnings were: tremors of increasing intensity in the town and minor explosions near the summit of Mt. Pelée were occurring since late April. Also, the town was smothered in a fog of sulfurous gas and showered in ash. As I said before, most of the people in the town ignored warning signs, in part by ignorance, but mainly for lack of information and manipulation due to political interests. Even, those who tried to leave the town were forced to stay by the local army. People tend to ignore warning signs for any disaster sometimes due to ignorance, other due to lack of information or unconcern. Finally, in many cases the people do not leave because they do not want to abandon their belongings.

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